Big Finish ♥ New Who

In addition to being a writer and actor for the TV series, Mark Gatiss has also been a writer and actor for Big Finish. He wrote two plays, Phantasmagoria and Invaders from Mars, and acted in several more stories, including a turn as the Master in the Doctor Who Unbound story Sympathy for the Devil.

Big Finish ♥ New Who

Some of the actresses who have played notable roles in both New Who and Big Finish audios include Anna Hope (Novice Hame in “New Earth” and “Gridlock” and DI Patricia Menzies in three Big Finish audios), Lenora Crichlow (Cheen in “Gridlock” and the Seventh Doctor’s companion, Rachel Cooper, in The Architects of History), and Raquel Cassidy (Miranda Cleaves in “The Rebel Flesh”/”The Almost People” and roles in several Big Finish audios, most recently Dr. Alison Foster in the Fourth Doctor audio Destination: Nerva).

Big Finish ♥ New Who

The Ninth Doctor episode “Dalek” was adapted by Rob Shearman from his Sixth Doctor audio Jubilee. Despite some basic similarities, though, the stories are very different (Jubilee, for example, manages to be both funnier and much, much darker).

The Whoniverse brand Jubilee Pizza (best known as the preferred pizza of Torchwood Three) was originally created as a nod to Shearman’s audio.

Big Finish ♥ New Who

In between playing Tom Campbell in Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 and Donna’s grandfather/Tenth Doctor companion Wilfred Mott, Bernard Cribbins appeared as music producer Arnold Korns in the Eighth Doctor audio Horror of Glam Rock.

Big Finish ♥ New Who

Noel Clarke starred as Kade (alongside Classic Who star Maureen “Vicki” O’Brien) in the fourth Dalek Empire series, The Fearless.

The triumphant return of Multi-Era Theme Monday!

Like a lot of people, I’m still squeeing over Big Finish’s announcement of their Classic Doctor 50th anniversary story.

Even though Big Finish’s license doesn’t cover the New Who Doctors, they still have a lot of ties to New Who in the form of common writers and actors. Some actors who later appeared on the TV series made their Doctor Who debuts in Big Finish audios (for example, Georgia Moffett’s first Doctor Who-related job was acting in the Big Finish audio Red Dawn alongside her father, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison). So, today I’m focusing on some of the commonalities between New Who and Big Finish’s Classic Who audios, including writers, adaptations, and actors (though it’s by no means exhaustive, since half the fun is checking the credits to see if those familiar voices are indeed people you already know).

And if you happen to find yourself interested in finding out more about what Big Finish does, check out their main site or their SoundCloud page (for trailers and freebies).

Sorry about the large gaps between posts lately — I’ve been focusing on trying to recover what I lost in my computer crash (most of my Classic Who and some of my New Who), and I think I’m getting to the point of where posting can soon become regular again. I even have a Multi-Era Theme Monday lined up for tomorrow!

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Happy Birthday, Tom Baker!


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